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STOP…… Don't Employ anyone until you’ve read this!!

My 12-step guide will show you exactly how to maximise your business growth by knowing the right steps to take when employing your first employee!


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Imagine ...
  • Having a team that cares as much for your customers as you do

  • Having more time to work on your business, not in it

  • What it would be like to enjoy a well earned holiday whilst the business continues to run successfully

Sadly many business owners feel trapped in their business, because they cant find the right people

I’ve got some Good News for you!


You can find great people to entrust your business with.


It is in your control - Your people skills will determine the quality of the employee. 


If the business is in good shape it will attract quality candidates.


If team members feel valued they'll be happy and stay, increasing experience.


If team members are happier and more experienced they’ll provide a better customer experience.


Because of the improved customer experience you’ll ultimately improve your profit result.


According to a recent Gallup study 50% of people leave because of their direct manager.

Are you ready to launch your team?

If you know how to prepare for, attract, engage and retain the right people, then your business will be an asset, not a liability.



"We met Lisa at exactly right time for our business! We've been able to set a strategic vision for our company and focus on where we're going and how we'll get there, rather than just working day to day and hoping for the best!

Taking on a new employee for the first time was a daunting experience, and Lisa gave us practical and relevant tools to ensure success in hiring a great candidate. The templates were really helpful to make sure we were covering all requirements in our job ad and helped us shortlist & successfully interview our candidates.  The training really helped us to learn how to relate to our employees to get the best out of them.   

I highly recommend all small business owners do this program - Lisa makes every session relevant and engaging and you'll take away all you need to relate to your employees and ensure that you're creating a sustainable and profitable business.”


Directors - Modern Hedge

About The Author

Hi there, I’m Lisa Wiking.

When I started as a leader in business, I had no idea that leadership was even a thing let alone, how to ‘be a good leader’.

After 18 years of leading many different teams, trial and error, studying human behaviour and learning what works when wanting to engage my people we achieved many global awards, retention awards and profit awards, including turning a business around almost $150k in 12 months and doubling turnover year on year, through the Global Financial Crisis.

Now I work with business owners, sharing all of my expertise and experience, helping them to prepare for, attract, engage and retain their first employee and beyond.

I love working with business owners and have refined the process down to specific and implementable systems and processes, making it easier to understand what must happen to ensure a great staff retention.

Lisa Wiking
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