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Archive for July 2019

Do you hear ‘crickets’ in your Team Meeting?

What to do if you hear ‘crickets’ in your business meeting!! Do you have the best intention with running a team meeting only to be rewarded with crickets in your meeting?  The team avoiding eye contact with you, not wanting to be asked a question? Have you felt that frustration…. wanting to make it a…

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How To Get the Best Out Of Your Virtual Team

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Virtual Team! I was recently interviewed by the lovely Christine Canters, on how to lead your virtual team successfully.  Here are my responses to her questions. What are the differences between virtual and face to face team leading? The main difference is you’ve got no buffer zone.…

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Management Skills without adding to the to-do list

No time for any more tasks, but want to ensure you’re BEING a good manager? Growing an existing business or having rapid success in your own business is exciting, yet can be challenging at the same time. I remember when I first started out as a manager, it would seem like a big pile of…

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Becoming An ‘Employer Of Choice’

Becoming an ‘Employer of Choice’ A common concern for business owners is ‘How can I afford to pay my employees well, so they don’t want or need to look elsewhere?’ The good news is becoming an employer of choice is more than just paying your staff well. There are many things you can do to…

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