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5 Steps To Maximising Productivity with Organisation

Do you want to increase your teams productivity? 

Let me ask you another question……

Have you ever worked in a demotivated working environment?

Demotivated….. not necessarily because the boss was nasty or the customers were horrible, it was just something that felt wrong. 

Little things like – lack of communication, last minute meetings, moving goal posts when it comes to goals and expectations. Feeling frustrated because there’s no clear direction and no one seems to know the answers. 

This scenario is a common scenario and whilst it can be really frustrating to work in that environment, it really isn’t anyone’s ‘fault’.  What’s missing is a willingness or an awareness of the need to take responsibility for the work environment and a preparedness to do something different from the business leaders perspective.

The Bad News:   The problem with this kind of working environment is that it leads to poor results.  A lack in productivity from the team and low customer retention rates.  Not to mention the possibility of high customer complaints and potentially high staff turn over.  All of this leads to huge expense and low income, which is not a good equation for a “want to be” thriving business. 

The Good News:  It’s easily remedied with the implementation of a simple structure and system.   And usually, that is done by extracting the necessary information out of the business owners/leaders head.   Doing this will give the business owner/leader the ability to leave the feeling of disorganisation behind and start to move forward with proactive thinking and action.   

5 Steps To Maximising Productivity with Organisation and What NOT to do


As a business owner, when you can clearly articulate the direction of the business, the goals of the business and break it down in to specific KPI’s for the individual, they will feel more certain about their role in the business which helps them understand how they make an impact in the bigger picture.




5 Steps To Getting Organised

1) Be Very Clear on the Vision of the business – The direction, what success looks like in 5, 10 Years time. Make sure it inspires you, drives you and gives you a sense of excitement.  Write it down.          

2) Be clear about exactly what the company does for its customers, employees and stakeholders and record that in a Mission Statement.    

3) Get clear on what the specific measurable goals are for the business for 12 months time.  Then break it down into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals.                         

4) Break this down further into specific KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for each team member.      

5) Work with the individual/team to identify specific strategies to employ that will assist in achieving those goals and regularly review the strategies and success through consistent and effective team meetings.         

Typically, people don’t start with a bad attitude….. It’s usually a response to the working environment they find themselves in!

– Lisa Wiking

The key with step 5 is that when you have a system with templates, it gives you the ability to follow up agreed actions and hold your team accountable.  Two things most business owners/leaders struggle with.

This is the secret sauce in this structure, because, ‘human nature is to do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure’.  So you must use this knowledge to your advantage and make it ‘more painful’ (ie Hold them accountable) to not do what was agreed,  than it is to just ‘take action on their tasks’.   Otherwise, if they’re not held accountable, it’s ‘more painful’ to do the task, because the least painful option is to simply just not ‘do the task’.

When you have this level of documented clarity and you communicate it to your team, they’ll more likely engage with your business and therefore be more productive.

Your organisation and clarity will determine the type of work environment you provide.  Prioritising gaining this clarity and certainty now,  will save you time, money and frustration in the future.  As Stephen Covey would say, this is one of those things that is “Important, but not Urgent”.  That, which will give you great results in the long term.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this…. have you had this experience yourself or working in a business with a demotivated work environment?

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