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Anthony Robbins – 6 Core Needs Model

Anthony Robbins – 6 Core Needs Model



Understanding the key criteria for creating an amazing environment!!

  1. It’s important to be comfortable and safe so we can just be, and that’s why we must always experience some level of CERTAINTY,
  2. We also need change and surprises to be stimulated and mighty, so we also need a great sense of VARIETY,
  3. To feel important, unique and special for instance, is why we will do all we can to experience SIGNIFICANCE
  4. And at the same time as that we must feel CONNECTED, no wonder sometimes, we feel a little dejected?
  5. GROWTH is another need that we absolutely must meet, in order to begin to feel happy & complete,
  6. Our final need is that of CONTRIBUTION, and that  completes your environment solution.

By understanding the above, enables us to figure out why we do what we do, and potentially why our team behave the way they do.

The First 4 needs determine our personalities / who we are and are absolutely necessary for us to experience.  There are two ways you can meet these needs, either resourcefully or unresourcefully.  Resourcefully means it’s a great experience for you, for me and for the greater good of the environment.   Unresourcefully means is a negative experience for one or more of the previous.

Certainty, Significance and Growth are all about ourselves, and Variety, Connection and Contribution are about how we interact with others.

Our environments ability to meet the first four resourcefully will determine whether we can feel happy in the environment we are in.

The last two will determine our level of happiness in that environment.


Often people fulfil a need by experiencing a problem external to themselves.

As people, we are sometimes happier to stay comfortable rather than change.

If a behaviour meets three core needs at the same time, it becomes an addiction.

Take a look at your current environment, how do you currently meet the need of Certainty?

How do you currently meet the need of Variety?

How do you currently meet the need of Significance?

How do you currently meet the need of Connection?

How do you help your team meet the need of Growth and Contribution?


Brainstorm some new ideas of ways you can begin to meet these needs in new and innovative ways:







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