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Lisa Wiking is a business leadership expert, trainer and published author who's passionate about the fact that life and business success starts with the awareness of purpose.
She believes that understanding our purpose in life and business is the foundation to making great decisions and remaining connected and inspired with what we do on a daily basis.
As the amazing Simon Sinek states, 'people don’t follow you for what you do, they follow you for ‘why’ you do it.’  It’s about engaging your customers, your employees and other stakeholders at an emotional level, (the limbic brain) because that’s the part of the brain that drives behaviour.   This means being real and sharing ‘why’ you do what you do, before sharing ‘what’ you do.
Doing business in this way is more authentic, more aligned and more sustainable.  "It’s easy to do business when you are who you are and not needing to pretend to be something different” she says.
Lisa’s “Why” is to “Inspire Positive Influence to enable Happiness”.  Whether this be one on one with a client, presenting to a group of leaders at a retreat or conference, parenting with her partner, raising her two children or simply chatting with her girlfriends, Lisa believes that positive influence is the key to ensuring happiness and success for all.
“When people feel happy and safe, they do their best work” she says, “Their best work produces maximum productivity” she continues.
There is no doubt, when speaking with Lisa, that she’s completely committed to her purpose and sharing all she knows of her expertise in human behaviour to ensure her clients receive maximum value.
Having recently relocated with her family to live in Bali, Lisa continues to impart her invaluable knowledge resulting from over 20 years experience in business and leadership to clients across the globe.

Lisa Wiking


Started at Great Holiday Escape as a young and naive 20 year old excited for my  new career in travel.


Struggled to learn the job and would go home crying almost every night.  Found myself in an environment that was less than supportive and encouraging. I wasn’t very successful.


My Dad gave me the best advice, “Quit on a good day, not on a bad day”.  When I had a good day I loved the job, so I didn’t quit.


Promoted to Team Leader after entire team had resigned and the leadership team  moved on.


Recruited a whole new team - Interview skills were non-existent but geez we had  some laughs.


Turned the business around almost $150k - with no experience - just a passion for seeing people (employees and customers) happy in the work place.

Applied for Area Manager Role and was unsuccessful.


Recruited 2 more after 2 original employees were promoted to leaders of other stores.


Achieved the highest global award for our brand possible.

Applied for Area Manager Role and was unsuccessful.


Opened a brand new store and recruited a brand new team.


Achieved great results in first year…. which was unheard of.

Applied for Area Manager Role and was unsuccessful.


Moved into a High Performance Coaching Role helping consultants set up their business for success.


Began Studying Life, Business and Executive Coaching.


Coaching Role made redundant so….. applied for the Area Manager Role for the 4th time, unsuccessfully, so resigned and started my own coaching practice.


Ran my coaching practice successfully for 2 years.


Was offered a position as a National Operations Manager at the Coaching School I studied at and accepted.


Doubled turnover year on year through the Global Financial Crisis.


Doubled it again.


Offered my dream job back at Flight Centre as Area Manager, so jumped at the chance.


Loved my job, loved my people, loved refining my leadership understanding as I led 110 people, helping 19 leaders run their businesses.


In late 2013 my first child was born.


At 8 weeks old, the idea for Motivational Leadership was born, I developed my leadership model - Dynamic Leadership Theorem - and wrote the 12 month training


I wrote and published my first book “Leadership Skills Reduce The Bills - 6 steps to reducing staff turnover and increasing productivity”


In early 2016 my second child was born.


Having spent the last 4 years figuring out what does and doesn't work in small business, I now work with small business owners and business leaders one on one to build their business and develop their team.


After working with many business owners on how to prepare for, attract, successfully on-board and retain their first and subsequent employees, I decided to package this training into an 8 week online program, called "Hire For Growth"


After 2 different names for my brand, both abstract and specific, I finally succumbed to naming my business after me... freeing me to focus my passion on helping small business owners and business leaders, regardless of what stage they are was born.

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