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Engage Customers

Why Your Why Is So Important

“People don’t follow you for what you do they follow you for why you do it….” Is a very familiar quote by the genius that is Simon Sinek, Leadership Guru and founder of the Golden Circle methodology. But what does this mean for us as small business owners? Let’s break it down into some very…

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5 Steps To Maximising Productivity with Organisation

Do you want to increase your teams productivity?  Let me ask you another question…… Have you ever worked in a demotivated working environment? Demotivated….. not necessarily because the boss was nasty or the customers were horrible, it was just something that felt wrong.  Little things like – lack of communication, last minute meetings, moving goal…

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How To Engage Your Team and Customers In 3 Easy Steps

How To Engage Your Team and Customers In 3 Easy Steps Engaging your Customers and your Team is the key to hitting your targets each month! Small Business makes up almost  97% of all Business in Australia.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 60% of Small Business will fail within the first 3 years of operation.  Most…

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