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Team Development Training - Engage My Team

So you've recruited a team of one or more and are frustrated with their lack of performance.  Why cant you just find a team that care as much as you do?   Their performance is more within your control than you think.  Together we'll implement the structure and systems required to get your team and your business in shape to start fresh. This program is all about drawing a line in the sand so you never have to deal with this frustration again.  Next time your team aren't performing you'll know exactly what you need to do to change that.

As a result of this program, you'll walk away with everything you need to get your team  back track and recruit your next team member successfully whilst ensuring everyone in your business is taking purposeful action to move you rapidly towards your goals.

In addition to the organic success which comes from working through day to day challenges, you'll also walk away with the following specific outcomes as a result of working through this program;

  • Uncover your purpose and understand how your business helps you meet your purpose


  • Gain clarity around your values to ensure your new team members share the same values


  • Identify a clear Vision giving you clarity on the direction of the business


  • Gain more confidence to make decisions with certainty


  • Set big, intermediate and small goals guiding you to take the right action towards them every single day


  • Identify the right role to recruit first that will give you maximum return on investment and design the Job Description


  • Write your Employee handbook enabling your team to know exactly what to do to be successful within your business


  • Extract performance indicators for this role to ensure maximum performance


  • Design and implement a complete and replicable recruitment strategy saving you time next time you need a new team member


  • Design and implement a comprehensive induction system so each team member starts with all they need to remain excited passionate and engaged


  • A system that enables you to track each team members performance weekly without it costing you any more time


  • A strategy to give your team what they need to continue being productive well past the honeymoon period


  • Implement a solid time management system giving you and your new team member the best strategy for ultimate productivity


  • Weekly accountability to ensure consistent progress


  • All templates required to maximise your time and efficiency


Ready to find out more?

Book in for your complimentary conversation to identify your greatest opportunity to stabilise your business and build a supportive team around you.

Testimonials (1)

Before we met with Lisa we were struggling to effectively find and communicate with our staff.  This had a significant impact on us, both emotionally and financially.  We’d worked with previous business coaches and they’d focused wholly on the numbers rather than the people. 

Working with Lisa was refreshing, she provided so much hope and possibility in a real and relaxed environment.  We found her to be down to earth, yet professional, passionate and positive.  There was never an issue that couldn’t be solved.  Through working with Lisa we found that we became more confident in our ability to recruit and lead our staff.

We feel a huge sense of relief, now we can confidently write a job description, identify the personality type that will fit that role, conduct effective and efficient interviews and onboard our new team members professionally.   

Trish and Travis Lang

Founders of House of Tint

"Lisa gave me the confidence to remember who I am, my strengths and the ability to understand what true leadership is. Thank you Lisa for helping me regain my confidence and conviction to lead and to continue to be the best my team and I actually are.

The committee and I and the rest of the staff LOVE what I’ve learnt as it’s so beautiful in its simplicity and so sincere that it is a wonderful guideline. 

Whenever I read my notes I am delighted at what you helped me put together and what I have learnt and how it keeps me calm and safe. Thank you."

Connie Solty

Kinder Principle

"We met Lisa at exactly right time for our business! We've been able to set a strategic vision for our company and focus on where we're going and how we'll get there, rather than just working day to day and hoping for the best!

Taking on a new employee for the first time was a daunting experience, and Lisa gave us practical and relevant tools to ensure success in hiring a great candidate. The templates were really helpful to make sure we were covering all requirements in our job ad and helped us shortlist & successfully interview our candidates.  The training really helped us to learn how to relate to our employees to get the best out of them.   

I highly recommend all small business owners do this program - Lisa makes every session relevant and engaging and you'll take away all you need to relate to your employees and ensure that you're creating a sustainable and profitable business.”

Ryan Bailey & Steph Webster

Director & Operations Director, Modern Hedge
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