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Business Growth Training

You've started your business and it's going well but you constantly feel like you're chasing your tail.  You know it's time to get organised so you can continue growing on purpose.  Growth comes from knowing who you are, what you stand for, why your business exists and who you help.

Together we'll get you and your business in shape, giving you the answers to all the above questions so you can attract the right people into your business, both customers and potential employees/contractors.

We'll implement growth strategies and plan for future strategies.  This includes preparing well for your first team member.

This program is all about getting your business in shape and getting organised so all of your actions are purpose related.

As a result of this program, you'll walk away with everything you need to feel organised and work with purpose, knowing exactly where you're heading.

You'll also have everything in place ready to recruit your first team member whilst taking purposeful action to move you rapidly towards your goals.

In addition to the organic success which comes from working through day to day challenges, you'll also walk away with the following specific outcomes as a result of working through this program;

  • Uncover your purpose and understand how your business helps you meet your purpose


  • Gain clarity around your values to ensure your new team members share the same values


  • Identify a clear Vision giving you clarity on the direction of the business


  • Gain more confidence to make decisions with certainty


  • Set big, intermediate and small goals guiding you to take the right action towards them every single day


  • Identify the right role to recruit first that will give you maximum return on investment and design the Job Description


  • Write your Employee handbook enabling your team to know exactly what to do to be successful within your business


  • Extract performance indicators for this role to ensure maximum performance


  • Implement a solid time management system giving you and your new team member the best strategy for ultimate productivity


  • Fortnightly accountability to ensure consistent progress


Ready to find out more?

Book in for your complimentary conversation to identify your greatest opportunity to progress your business from a solo project to building a supportive team around you.


Fiona frame crop2

Before I did the intervention with Lisa I was feeling stuck and lost. I had created success in my business but I felt like that success was starting to slip, I was starting to slip. Everything was feeling very "neutral".

What I discovered was that everything is within me and around me to create the life and business that I desire. It is all part of my journey, right back from my childhood to now. And it is all just how it needed to be, and I was who I needed to be to handle it.

Now I have a deeper connection with my business, my life, my relationships and my choices all thanks to Lisa.

And I can’t believe how amazing I felt when the session was finished…….and how I feel each day as I continue on my life purpose.

Thank you Lisa - I could spend all day, every day with you!

Such a beautiful time invested in me.



Fiona Hurle

Mind Over Matter Consultants
Jes KM

Lisa is a dynamic coach with wealth of business experience and insight. She is not afraid to have the hard discussions and drives me to stay on track- week in, week out. I highly recommend her to any entrepreneur who wants results. It took me a long time to find her - save yourself the investigation - it doesn't get better than Lisa- but you will be accountable!



Jes Keating

Founder, Your Magic Helper

"Working with Lisa was amazing. She helped me implement many principals I had learned about, but didn't know where to start. She broken things down into easy to apply methods and built on each subject week after week. Lisa also helped me think outside the box, look at things from a different perspective, think before I spoke and set goals that I could focus on each week and each month. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and guided me without making me feel threatened or intimidated or like a failure when I missed a goal. In the months we worked together, my attitude and perspective changed from a personal and business stand point and I will forever be grateful for the growth she helped me achieve. I look forward to the day we work together again."

Denise Overton

Director, Beach Bod
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