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Having Tough Conversations

Having Tough Conversations



Once you have set clear expectations with your team, you MUST hold them accountable to those expectations.  If you don’t, then they are not worth the paper they are written on and your people will also decide that when you have these meetings, what’s discussed isn’t really going to be followed through, so they wont bother changing. 

Most likely, you will only need to do this a couple of times before your people realise that you mean business and are serious about the expectations of being apart of your team.

So make sure you have clear expectations set and documented around anything that must be done in their role.

To have the conversation:

Remove them from their usual working environment and ensure you are not in ear shot of any colleagues, you don’t want to humiliate them.

These lines are the beginning of the conversation and you must then respond to what they say.

Keep it short and sharp, you don’t want to allow them to babble with excuses.  Be clear on your ‘intention’ for the conversation before you begin and remember, if you let this go, you are communicating to the whole team that it’s ok not to meet expectations. What impact does that have on your team and result?

1st Conversation: “What part of what we discussed do you not understand?” Establish action plan to rectify and document.

2nd Conversation: “We’ve had a conversation about this before, for what purpose did you choose not to do as discussed?” Do not allow excuses to go on, if everyone else can meet these expectations, so can they. Identify what must happen moving forward and document.

3rd Conversation: “I don’t like to repeat myself – If I have to say this again, then there will be severe consequences.” – Set the consequence (possibly first written warning) This is a direct and stern conversation that requires little response from them. Once again document.

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