High Performance Leadership Coaching/Consulting


When you're looking for that support, development and accountability, there is nothing like having someone on your team as committed to your success as you are.

The value is tripled when you combine a coach, with a trainer and a consultant, with the ability to switch between these roles as required to help you produce maximum results.

  • Coaching gives you the ability to discover your own answers and have your own realisations.
  • Training gives you the option to learn some new skills and tools.
  • Consulting will give you the option to have the help with implementation.

This is what I bring and whether you need help increasing productivity, reducing staff turnover or you're just wanting to deal with some personal stuff first that is holding back, before you tackle the business strategy.

Any and all of these scenarios are easily handled through working together one on one.

I guess you can say I love seeing the lightbulb switch on. It’s why I do the work I do, I love helping the seemingly impossible become possible.


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Lisa, your coaching has had a massive impact on my life and work so far.

We haven’t been at it for very long however, I can already see just how much you’ve helped me.

You challenge me – in a good way! And that allows me to come to certain realisations about my business that I wouldn’t have if we weren’t working together.

As well as not being judgemental, and understanding about my business and where I would like to go, you also have a gift of connecting people.

Thank you Lisa, I am truly grateful for the support and assistance you are providing


Carley Payne

Business Owner, Payneless Media

"I thought I had mastered a lot of skills until I met Lisa. She pushed me to show me my true potential. I started working with Lisa when I became manager of an underperforming business. She was incredibly supportive and inspirational to me. I came in with a plan and Lisa helped me build it into an empire. She would sit and listen to my ideas, questioned why I was going to make this decision and then supported me in bringing my skills to new heights.
I went onto being a Store Manager of a brand new store. Lisa believed in me and the skills we had developed together. She made me feel like I could really achieve anything I put my mind to.
The best thing about working with Lisa is that she is your No.1 Fan and biggest advocate. She will give you unlimited amount of time and support to make sure you and your business are successful.
Even though I am no longer working with Lisa I can call her for support and she really does help. You can see the pure joy Lisa gets in helping you achieve your goals and that’s what makes me want to keep coming back for more."

Danielle Boulton

Retail Manager

"Over a year of working with Lisa, she developed me into a successful business manager and owner, I could not have done it without her! I still use advice and tips and tricks to this day that she taught me as a young developing employee to encourage and motivate my team.

She encouraged me to become a manager, and helped me to believe that I could do it and do it well. I took over a store at that point that had lost $90k the prior financial year, and I am proud to say we are now tracking to finish on minimum $160k profit this financial year. I am also taking the next step in my career to take over a much larger store.

Lisa’s work around the strength of the mind and belief is something I have carried with me through my career, and I attribute a lot of where I am today to her coaching and development at my early stages of management. She is an amazing coach, mentor and person as a whole, and I will never forget the part she played in getting me to where I am today!"

Rachel Sperring

Retail Manager
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"Lisa is a dynamic coach with wealth of business experience and insight. She is not afraid to have the hard discussions and drives me to stay on track- week in, week out. I highly recommend her to any entrepreneur who wants results. It took me a long time to find her - save yourself the investigation - it doesn't get better than Lisa- but you will be accountable!"

Jessica Keating-Mesaros

Director, Your Magic Helper

Before we met with Lisa we were struggling to effectively find and communicate with our staff.  This had a significant impact on us, both emotionally and financially.  We’d worked with previous business coaches and they’d focused wholly on the numbers rather than the people. 

Working with Lisa was refreshing, she provided so much hope and possibility in a real and relaxed environment.  We found her to be down to earth, yet professional, passionate and positive.  There was never an issue that couldn’t be solved.  Through working with Lisa we found that we became more confident in our ability to recruit and lead our staff.

We feel a huge sense of relief, now we can confidently write a job description, identify the personality type that will fit that role, conduct effective and efficient interviews and onboard our new team members professionally for maximum productivity from each member.   



Trish and Trav Lang

Business Owners, House Of Tint

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Before I did the Break Through Session with Lisa I was feeling stuck and lost. I had created success in my business but I felt that success was starting to slip, I was starting to slip. Everything was feeling very “neutral”.

Now I have a deeper connection with my business, my life, my relationships and my choices all thanks to Lisa.  I can’t believe how amazing I felt when the session was finished…….and how I feel each day as I continue on my life purpose.

Thank you Lisa – I could spend all day, every day with you!  Such a beautiful time invested in me.

Fiona Hurle

Founder - Operation365

“I approached Lisa Wiking because I was struggling with always falling back into old habits. I would see success within my business, health and self and before I knew it I was back to where I started and getting extremely frustrated with this constant yo-yoing in all aspects of my life.

I liked her methods, they were direct and intense but I never felt uncomfortable, she had a calm about her that was so reassuring that I was sure I was in the right hands.

I found the experience truly life changing.

I would recommend Lisa to anyone who acknowledges they want to make lasting changes to there life, whether it be in business, personally or financially, she is a master at what she does and the results I have seen in myself prove that.”


Dessy Carmody

"I absolutely LOVE working with Lisa on bettering my business strategies and my life! Thank you Lisa for all the amazing ‘a-ha’ discoveries that have enabled me to move forward. Can’t wait for my next session."


Belle Adzijovski

Business Owner


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