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How To Grow Your Business By
Recruiting Your First Successful Employee
Even If You Know Nothing About Managing

So You're Exhausted?

You do everything in your business, you have to, there is no one else!

  • You're working 16 hour days just trying to keep up
  • Weekends, what weekends?
  • You haven't had a holiday in years and cant see one in the foreseeable future
  • As a result you're losing the passion for your business
  • Your social life has taken the back seat
  • Your frustrated that your health is suffering
  • You know you need help but you've got no idea where to start
  • And even if you did find a team member, you don't have the time to teach them what to do

You've started a business.  In the beginning you were excited and passionate about it's potential and you've had great success, but now you're working countless hours, you're worried that your passion is fading. Even though the business has grown, revenue and profit has grown, you know it's not only about the money and want to find some balance again.   You need help. You know that nothing changes if nothing changes, but don't know where to start.

It's ok, it's not your fault..... this isn't a skill that naturally!

Just imagine, It's Friday morning.......

Your packing up.... you've just had your final meeting with your team for 2 whole weeks....Your bags are packed and your heading to your dream destination, for your first holiday in years..... a luxurious and pampering reward that you've been dreaming of but couldn't see how it would ever happen.  The best part, you know your business is in great hands.  You trust your team implicitly and know that they are equipped to handle what ever may happen whilst you're away.

This is what I love helping business owners achieve!

  • Knowing how to find the right person and match them to not only the role, but to their culture also

  • Understanding what and how to develop trust with the new team member to take care of their 'business baby'

  • Getting it right the first time and not wasting money and time trying to figure it out

Introducing the "Hire For Growth Process"

This process will help you achieve;

  • The ability to recruit the right person, who is a match not only for the role but also for your culture
  • The ability to design your culture on purpose so you love working with your team
  • The ability to delegate effectively and successfully
  • Maximum productivity
  • Freedom to work on the business, not just in it.

The alternative is to experience something like the stories I hear almost daily....

"I employed a team member, and they just didn't care.  I couldn't get them to do what I needed them to do and I certainly couldn't trust them to do what I needed them to do while I wasn't there.  There was no way I was able to take a holiday.  In fact, I just added another liability.  It cost me a fortune in time and money and I wasn't able to achieve what I'd planned"

Then it's a matter of having to follow the legal process to remove them from the business which can be a long, painful and expensive process also.

That situation could take 6 months, 1 year, 2 or 3 years. When you employ someone who's not a match for your culture, it is a stressful and emotionally draining experience.  It can cause damage to your business reputation, but more importantly it can damage your passion for your business.

So, you can spend the next 3 years trying to figure out;

  • How to hire the right employee
  • How to manage them the right way
  • How to create an environment that makes them want to be involved in the growth of the business, rather than just stick around for a pay check
  • Figuring out what your culture is

Or you can save yourself all the stress and worry and gift yourself this program, where in 8 modules, you'll know everything you need to know to create an empowered and productive work culture.

You'll be providing something your competitors don't, so you'll no longer be competing on wages alone.

I've helped many business owners navigate this challenging stage, and I'm here to help.  I love nothing more, than to help business owners set this up from the beginning, so they don't have to experience the difficulty of having to undo the damage from not knowing with an existing team.

The Detail.....

Stage 1

Preparing yourself to welcome someone onto your team

Stage 2

What to do before you hire to ensure you find the right person

Stage 3

Match the right person to  the right role AND your culture

Stage 4

What to do and what not to do as the interviewer

Productive 2
Stage 5

How to ensure they help you grow your business from day 1

Happy Employee
Stage 6

How to make sure they are productive every day

Stage 7

Achieving your goals in your set time

thumbs up
Stage 8

Ensuring they stay.  Commitment = Success


"We met Lisa at exactly right time for us in our business! We've been able to really set a strategic vision for our company and focus on where we're going and how we'll get there, rather than just working day to day and hoping for the best!

Taking on a new employee for the first time was a daunting experience, and Lisa gave us such practical and relevant things to think about to ensure the success of hiring a great candidate. The templates are really helpful in making sure we were covering the right areas in our job ads and how we shortlisted & interviewed our candidates, and really gave us great insight on how to relate to our employees to get the best out of them.   

I highly recommend small business owners to get on board with this process - Lisa makes every stage really relevant and engaging and you'll take away a lot about how to relate to your employees and ensure that you're creating a sustainable and profitable business.”

Steph Webster and Ryan Bailey

Directors, Modern Hedge

How It Works....

The process is delivered in a number of different formats.  There are between 3 and 6 short videos explaining the process at each relevant stage.  To compliment this each week you'll be given access to the relevant templates to complete implementation.  You'll also have access to the live implementation calls each week gain required clarity around what you need to implement each stage.  Should you be unable to make the weekly live call, you're able to post questions in the Private Facebook group, and your questions will be answered on the weekly call which you'll have access to the recording in the library of recorded live calls.  This Facebook group is an additional support throughout the process, should a people challenge or question arise, gaining additional support.

The Support You'll Receive;

You will receive support through the following avenues:

  • Live Implementation Q&A Call each week
  • Private FB Group monitored daily - questions will be answered within 24 hours
  • Feedback on submitted templates
  • If you've been on the live calls consistently and have tried all above options, and still have a problem then I will absolutely jump on a zoom call with you to help solve the challenge.

At this stage, all participants will have life long access to the content and support, for as long as the course is offered.   This will be reviewed as the participant numbers grow and may change.  Life long access will remain with all participants who begin with this understanding regardless of any future changes.

Ready To Go....... Check Out Your Options Below......

Upfront payment

  • Pay $997 in full and receive a 17% Discount

8 x Weekly payments

$150 per week
  • Unlock each week with your weekly payment of $150

Have Questions? We'll Answer Them

Check out below and see if you're question is already answered.

What if I only want a part time employee, is this still relevant?

The training within this course is designed to support your growth.  It's most likely that your first employee will be part time and will support and enable you to grow, so you can afford a full time employee.  The teachings will be the foundation with which you build your team.  Start how you intend to continue, because that person will have the ability to make or break your decision.  So understanding this from the very beginning is putting yourself in the best possible position. 

What if I already have a team?

The good news is, it's never too late to learn and grow your people and management skill set.  The challenge will be, that there are already preconceived ideas in your team about how you are as a boss and about the quality of your work environment.  It's not impossible to change, it just may require some extra steps, which I'll guide you through during the implementation calls.  As the old saying goes, "Better late than never".

I don't want an 'in person team', I want an online team?

The beauty of an in person team is that you can observe their activity on a daily basis.  With an online team, it's even more important to develop your skills to inspire them to want to help you grow your business, because you can't see what their doing on a daily basis.   Obviously the logistics are slightly different, however the core knowledge and skill set is the same.  People are people.  As business owners we want to ensure our people are productive.  

Is this information relevant for contractors?

The answer to that question requires further information and depends on the dynamic between you and the contractors.  I have taken clients with contractors through this training and it has helped her triple her business within 12 months.  However, that is dependant on a number of aspects, so let's have a conversation and we'll be able to assess whether or not this will be suitable for you and your business.

Do you help with the legals I need to be an employer?

I am by no means a lawyer or an accountant and so will not profess to provide you with such knowledge.  I always recommend to speak with your accountant and lawyer for specific advice.  If you're based in Australia, I have taken the liberty and done that for you, and have included what you must provide as an employer within Australia.  This is of a general nature however and I still recommend you speak with a specialist for specific advice.  Within the program I provide some contacts should you want a referral to a quality business lawyer whom doesn't charge too much. 

I've never managed people before, will I understand this?

The concepts within this training are simple and effective.  As you get to know me, you'll learn, I am the most 'untechnical' person you'll ever meet. My expertise is in People not Technical language.   One thing I'm often told is that my skill is in making the difficult and complex 'simple and applicable', which means that any one, even without managerial experience will have the ability to grasp these concepts.

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