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Management/Leadership Workshops


Lisa is passionate about helping business owners improve the productivity of their team by improving the culture and reducing staff turnover.  She does this through a series of different workshops including but not limited to:

Improving your Staff Engagement:

In this workshop leaders will discover the elements of human nature that determines human behaviour and how to utilise this knowledge to build the engagement and productivity of the team.

Discovering your WHY:

In the 'Discovering Your Why' Workshop we'll follow the formula founded by Simon Sinek to discover the key reason why your team want to work for you and your customers want to do business with you.  As Simon, himself says, "People don't follow you for what you do, they follow you for why you do it"  This workshop will propel your business forward leaving your competitors in dust.

Formulating and Communicating your Vision:

Your Vision is your direction and the key to your business success is determined by the level of buy-in and attachment your team feels to that Vision.  So the first step is to formulate it, the second and most crucial step is to communicate it and build it into your daily systems and process'.

Other Options:

This is just an example of some of the workshops Lisa runs.  Other workshops include Group Value Elicitation, formulating the rules and success sign posts for your team and Personal development workshops.  Should you have an idea in mind for a workshop, make contact Lisa to establish compatibility.


"It has been fascinating to watch the after effects as each person takes on the valuable aspects of personal development that best suited them at the time. The ‘above the line thinking’ session was very valuable. There is now an awareness at every level (production and sales) about how people can claim ownership of themselves and their job functions and use quality communication and solution based problem solving to approach their job. There is also quite a good deal of conversation flowing on from your sessions, and some people see that much of what they do, that in their own opinion wastes their own time or holds them back in their job, comes from the need for significance. Some staff have said how they have used the conference content to sit and talk to their children and begin to empower them!

All good stuff, and a great platform for the managers of this business to build growth upon.

Your presentations were personable, friendly, well paced, informative and sincere. Many thanks.”

Helen Treloar

General Manager, Spartan

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday. Jess and I came out of the day feeling very inspired and motivated. I truely gained so much from that session and have already spoken to my team about starting every conversation with an intention.”

Sharon Naylor

Retail Manager

“Lisa it was a pleasure to meet you today. You have a fantastic energy about you and it rubbed off in the time we had together. Thanks for helping and giving me the tools to make us the successful team that we are destined to be. I am really excited to get this vision in to action.”

Rebecca Reichspfarrer

Retail Manager

“I just wanted to send you a quick email regarding the training I did on Thursday last week with Lisa Wiking. This was absolutely the best 8 hours I have spent at work since starting 5 years ago. I came away feeling inspired and remembering why I love my job and how lucky I am. I thought it was important for you to know this and how highly I recommend that anyone do this. I would even love to go to this training again and learn more from Lisa – she is amazing! I LOVED IT!!”

Kristy Marshall

Retail Manager

“Lisa is fantastic and I have learned so much from her in such a short time.”

Julie Ash

Retail Manager

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