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How To Adapt To Change

How To Adapt To Change

A superhero with the word Change across his chest encourages and helps you to make changes and adapt and evolve to adjust to new challenges that life brings you

Our conscious mind also known as the ‘ego’ perceives any departure from “comfort zone”  as a threat to our existence.  The ego will do anything to prevent us from exploring outside our comfort zone as it believes that ‘unfamiliar’ is a ‘dangerous’ area to explore and because the primary job of the ‘ego’ is to protect us, it evokes emotions like fear, resistance and trepidation to retain the status quo. As change is all about moving from the familiar to the unknown, we must consciously control the ego and the fearful emotions arising from it. 

Without change a tadpole would never become a frog and a caterpillar would never become a butterfly.

Change happens throughout our life all of the time, whether we are aware of it or not. The person with the greatest flexibility will always prosper over the person who is rigid and resistant – The key to being a successful leader is being great at adjusting to change rapidly and positively.

You are either green and growing or ripe and rotting – Ray Kroc

Fear causes the greatest resistance to change.  People fear what they don’t know, however it’s only in what we don’t know that will help us in getting results we’ve never had before.     Nothing changes if nothing changes!

5 Successful Steps For Managing Change:

  1. Search for the benefits of the change – Why has this happened? Ask questions if it’s not obvious!
  1. Ensure you understand each step of the change and if you don’t, ask for help.
  1. Know who your resources are to support you through the change?
  1. Celebrate once you have successfully changed and learn from what you can improve next time.
  1. See ‘change’ as ‘progress’ to ensure you do progress, because change is inevitable.  progress is a choice.
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