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How To Engage Your Team and Customers In 3 Easy Steps

How To Engage Your Team and Customers In 3 Easy Steps

Engaging your Customers and your Team is the key to hitting your targets each month!

Small Business makes up almost  97% of all Business in Australia.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 60% of Small Business will fail within the first 3 years of operation.  Most markets are well saturated, so why should customers do business with you, as opposed to your competition. 

If you go by the facts, there are many things that are stacked against us when it comes to business success.

Yet, arguably the most significant impact on your business success is completely with in your control. It’s not subject to the changing market, world events, customers, your location or any other external influence.

It’s you.   The Business Leader.   What sits between your ears is the most powerful influence over the success or demise of your business. Full Stop.

Whilst this may seem a little scary, hopefully you’ll see this as great news because given the business results are completely your responsibility, so is the power to create or change them.

The fact is, whether you like it or not, everything is your responsibility in business (and life, but that’s a whole other conversation, which might require a bottle of red).  You don’t have to like it or agree with it, but what you do and focus on in business will be determined by your willingness or lack of to take responsibility for the current situation.

When we have a problem, more often than not, human nature is to bury our head in the sand, trying to not think about it as it makes us uncomfortable or is painful to think and more so, talk about.

The thing that we usually forget is that it’s ok for a situation to be a problem, it’s ok not to have found the solution yet.  Key word being ‘yet’.  By hiding from it, burying it and not dealing with it, it only gets worse. 

The thing is, there is always a solution. For the problem to exist, so must the solution.  It’s just a matter of finding the right resources to solve this problem.

Now given that this is the case, back to my original question.  Why should customers do business with you, as opposed to your competition.  What is your point of difference?  What is the benefit to them?  Have you thought about this? The degree to which you can answer this question with confidence is the degree of success you will have in business. 

So to get maximum value, let’s talk about this as if you’d never thought about this question before.

Put yourself in the customers shoes – this should be quite easy as you are a customer to other business’ most days.

What is it that you need from a business to continue to do business with them?

  1. Efficiency and Timeliness
  2. Great service
  3. Helpful Staff
  4. Right product right time
  5. Quality product / service
  6. Solves the problem you are looking to solve.

The last 3 are determined by the business decisions you make in selecting your suppliers carefully, quality standards, and even marketing amongst many other factors.

The first 3 are determined by your ability to lead and inspire your people to achieve their full potential.  This is where I want to focus your attention, as this is the area that is often dismissed, overlooked, or put at the bottom of the priority list.

In big ‘corporations’ leadership training is the ‘in’ thing – everyone has done or is doing some sort of leadership development through coaching or training.   Yet some how in small business it’s forgotten or seen as unaccessible.  When the reality is, there is nowhere more important to display effective leadership than that of a small business to achieve success.

Your Leadership = Work Environment = Profit.

It’s that simple.

You have control over the first three, because the environment you provide for your staff will determine how much they care for your customers. 

Most business owners will put their customers at the top of the priority list, placing them as the most important asset to their business.  The truth is, the employees are the most important.  Because without happy and engaged staff, the customers will be treated poorly and source that service or product elsewhere.  You as the Business Owner CANNOT look after the happiness of all the customers on your own, and you’ll be exhausted and know what I’m talking about if you are trying.   As the business owner, you must learn to release the reigns and empower your staff.

Here are my top 3 tips to engage your Customers and your Team to provide The Ultimate Workplace.

1) You must know your why.  Why do you have this business? What is the Vision for this business?  What is your driving motivator to make this a success.  What is your picture of success in the future, what must happen for it to be successful.  The clearer you are on your ‘Why’, the more impactful you will be on your people and your customers.  The more impact you make the more success you will experience.  If you’ve done this work before and you don’t think about your vision on a daily/hourly basis, then it’s not your Vision!   It must drive you, motivate and inspire you all day long!

2) Your people must know your why – it’s not enough for people to come to work in this day and age and go home with a pay check.  People want to feel apart of something bigger, feel like they are contributing to a cause greater than themselves.  To feel like they belong.  The more you do this as the business leader the more connected they’ll feel, and therefore engaged, which means they’ll offer a greater experience to your customers.

3) The power comes when you’re able to link their personal goals and dreams to the role they do in your business.  Sometimes this requires some creative thinking, however, more often than not, there is always a link able to be made.  This does many things, including communicates to your team that you care about them as a person, you want to help them achieve their life goals, incentivises them to do their best work, gives you great leverage in expecting them to achieve, all giving you great engagement and there for great productivity.

I wish you well in implementing what we’ve discussed today.

If you’ve found value in this blog, I invite you to come and join the global conversation I’ve initiated on “How To Build The Ultimate Workplace”, where I share lots more tips and tricks to solve these sometimes ‘challenging’ people problems.

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