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Management Training

So you've got a team, perhaps they're even performing well, but you just cant see how you're going to be able to step away from your business without it all falling apart.

You spend every waking moment in or on the business and you're now ready to make the moves to step back and enjoy more personal time whilst the business continues on its success trajectory.

Together we'll implement the structure and systems required to ensure you're still able to keep a handle on their performance and out put.  We'll also identify the best solution to promoting a manager within your business and ensure they are skilled in leading and managing your people without it costing you a tone of time and effort.  This program is all about taking the specific action required to free you whilst still enjoying the profit growth of the business.

As a result of this program, you'll walk away with everything you need to get your team performing, recruit successfully and implement a succession plan so you can start to free yourself, all whilst ensuring everyone in your business is taking purposeful action to move you rapidly towards your goals.

In addition to the organic success which comes from working through day to day challenges, you'll also walk away with the following specific outcomes as a result of working through this program;

  • Uncover your purpose and understand how your business helps you meet your purpose


  • Gain clarity around your values to ensure your new team members share the same values


  • Identify a clear Vision giving you clarity on the direction of the business


  • Gain more confidence to make decisions with certainty


  • Set big, intermediate and small goals guiding you to take the right action towards them every single day


  • Identify the right role to recruit first that will give you maximum return on investment and design the Job Description


  • Write your Employee handbook enabling your team to know exactly what to do to be successful within your business


  • Extract performance indicators for this role to ensure maximum performance


  • Design and implement a complete and replicable recruitment strategy saving you time next time you need a new team member


  • Design and implement a comprehensive induction system so each team member starts with all they need to remain excited passionate and engaged


  • A system that enables you to track each team members performance weekly without it costing you any more time


  • A strategy to give your team what they need to continue being productive well past the honeymoon period


  • A system to ensure you're identifying the key opportunities for the business and ability to arrest any potential downturn in advance


  • Implement a solid time management system giving you and your new team member the best strategy for ultimate productivity


  • Develop a 12 month leadership and management training plan for your succession plan delivered by myself


  • Implement Incentive program for growth and development of your succession plan


  • 1 Full day workshop to solidify learnings and enhance leadership and business mind skill set.


  • Weekly accountability to ensure consistent progress


  • All templates required to maximise your time and efficiency


Ready to find out more?

Book in for your complimentary conversation to identify your greatest opportunity to free yourself from your business whilst your team step up and continue your legacy.



"I didn't think there was a magic button, I didn't think it could even any better, I was just hoping it just wouldn't get any worse. I was looking for someone to give me some help to be able to keep going. Someone to convincingly tell me that it was going to be ok. (That started - when I'd give you my worst problem and you'd say ‘awesome, its ok, you're going to get through this) Lisa says that no problems are unfixable or unworkable. She does it not in a ‘do it for you way, but these are the steps that will make it ok - I'll show you the steps to get there’ Lisa is now my buffer zone, when shit goes down, my first thought is, "I need to speak to Lisa first”, which enables me to be thoughtful - takes pressure off thinking I have to do anything straight away - that pause is so important because it means I am calculated in my response. “ My business has quadrupled in the last few years and I’m able to step away from my business for extended periods of time to holiday whilst my team take over, managing any problems that arise. Thank you Lisa for your significant contribution to my business. 

Sarah MacDonald

Director, Canine Comprehension
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