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Leadership Skills Reduce The Bills


When I started as a leader, I had no idea what leadership was, let alone, how to ‘be a good leader’.

After a few years of figuring it out, making a lot of mistakes in addition to having some great success, people would ask me, ‘What is it, that you do to be a good leader?’. My response then was ‘You just do”. I had little understanding or awareness about how to articulate what ‘being a great leader’ meant.

It wasn’t until I studied coaching that I grasped the awareness and the power of what I had done as a leader and why it worked. Coaching is the study of becoming an expert in human behaviour. Understanding what drives peoples behaviour is crucial to be an effective leader.

This awareness gave me the understanding and ability to break down the specific actions necessary to be and demonstrate great leadership. As I applied this and shared with my leaders, I was able to refine it into a specific actionable process.

The result of this, is the leadership model, Dynamic Leadership Theorem (DLT). The 6 step model I developed based on my 18 years in leadership and coaching, sharing all the steps required to reduce staff turnover and increase productivity.

Leadership is an abstract concept. Leadership Skills Reduce The Bills is the DLT model, breaking the abstract down into a specific, step by step process.

After reading this book you’ll know exactly what you need to do, and the systems you need, to support you in being a great leader.


What Readers Have To Say……


“My leadership knowledge before reading this book was very limited. I felt anxious & uncertain on how to lead a team.

This book has opened me up to a whole new lease of life, leadership & way of thinking. It’s taught me to have very clear intentions from the start and to lead by example, be calm and stay professional at all times.
Now I’ve learnt to install trust in my team and how to empower them to make their own decisions. This book has a wealth of knowledge for all people from any profession from a beginner like myself to the strongest leaders out there.I regularly refer back to the book to continue to learn and further develop my leadership skills. Thank you Lisa Wiking for helping me create a positive strong mindset.”

Benjamin Cooper – Sales Manager


“Reading “Leadership Skills Reduce the Bills” couldn’t have come at a better time. I definitely feel I was missing some key leadership ‘tools’, and was in need of some motivation and new skills to take my business to the next level. I was getting frustrated and stressed that my team we unable perform how I needed them to in order to bring our business back to profit. I implemented each skill taught in the book with my team and with that things started to change. I believe what really shines through in this book is the ‘how’. I have read numerous other leadership books and the common theme is just the ‘what’ you need to do and not the ‘how’ or the action you should take. Lisa has done a brilliant job of teaching me what actions I need to take in order to change key areas of my leadership to see results and for that I will be forever grateful.

One of the key areas I focused on was the environment in my business. My team were constantly focusing on the negatives, things they were unable to control and as a result weren’t seeing any positive outcomes. After reading this book and putting into action a few of the strategies Lisa taught me, the team is much more focused on the present and the future of the business and the opportunities we have. It’s a really refreshing feeling and most of all it’s exciting! This book is a must have on every leaders reading list. Well done Lisa, such an inspiration.”

Stephanie McClounan – Retail Manager

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