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The One Factor That Will Determine Your Business Success!!

The One Factor That Will Determine Your Business Success!!

“Just deal with it and get on with it!”

Isn’t that what they say.

Have you ever noticed that there’s a subject that you just don’t talk about in business.

It’s like the taboo subject that is not to be mentioned or is all to fluffy for most to endure!

Business is business and it’s all about the facts and figures.  Emotions are not relevant in the business world.  Right????

Well you know what, I’m declaring the opposite.

Business is Emotion.

It’s driven by emotion

It’s succeeds with emotion

Business fails with emotion

Business is Emotion.  For a business to exist there must be people involved and people are driven by emotion, whether they like it and know it or not.  The key is to evoke the right emotion in your customers, your people and yourself that will give you the greatest result.

By emotion, I’m not talking about the ‘fly of the handle’ kind of behaviour we think of when we reference being ‘emotional’. I’m talking about, the emotional state we are in, whether that be, positive, negative, happy, sad, empowered, disempowered, excited or fearful.  We’re feeling emotions all of the time, and the emotional state we are in determines our behaviour. 

The question is, which emotions are going to help us to get the best possible results from our people and our business.   Awareness is the key to choosing the right emotion, awareness of what we’re feeling and awareness of how we, as the business leader, impact others emotions.

So let’s take a look at how emotion effects the results of your business.

The Customer:

The fact is, our customers are human and humans feel emotion.  They’re driven by emotion.  Any good sales training will teach you that people buy on emotion and then back up the decision with facts.

Have you ever had that experience where a sales person will throw every fact and figure at you in relation to a product and you walk away feeling more confused than you were to begin with, having not made a decision. 

Yet when a sales person asks you ‘How will this make you feel?’  ‘What will having this give you?’  You are all in, and sometimes you cant even explain why, you just know ‘it feels right’.   Asking the customer emotion evoking questions, helps them connect the purchase of this product with the feeling they desire.  Thus improving your conversion rate.

Your Team:

How your people feel, the emotions they experience on a daily basis will determine their productivity.  How productive your people are will determine the profit on the bottom line.  So as a business leader, it’s important to ensure we’re assisting our team to choose the most effective emotion.

If you think about how you want your people to be, a common response would be:  Positive, happy, helpful, empowered and focused.  Would a person in that state be productive? There’s a good chance they would be, isn’t there. Is there anything else would you add?

So the question as a Business leader, is how do you get them into that state each day.

It’s important to remember the role your team members play in your business is just one aspect of their life.   On any given day there can be any number of reasons for people to feel down, angry, frustrated or annoyed.  So as a business owner or leader, you not only need to ensure they feel good, often you’ll need to bring them back from the negative, to get a positive result from their productivity. 

Whilst some will say, ‘Well, that’s not my job, they are paid to do a job, so they just need to do it.’  And yes, that is correct, the question is “What productivity and result do you want out of this person?”  Dismissing their emotions because you don’t think it’s your job, certainly doesn’t improve their productivity.  Taking steps to give them the best possible chance to feel positive does.

For this reason, it’s never been more important to ensure you’re Vision, Goals, strategy and expectations are clear and relevant. Essentially giving them clear structure in their working day.

One of the greatest needs of human kind is the need for certainty.  We need to obtain a certain level of certainty from the environment around us to have the chance to feel comfortable and be able to focus on more than merely surviving.  So as a business leader it’s crucial that you meet the need for certainty of your team and the best way to do that is to provide a structured environment, with clarity on the Vision, Goals, Strategy and Expectations of the business.

Providing this kind of structure, not only gives them certainty, it makes them feel safe.   Without this, they will merely be in survival mode, just doing the bare minimum to get through the day.  Structure helps them shift from survival mode to success mode, where they can focus on how to achieve their best each day rather than how to fly under the radar just to survive.

When you do that, you give you’re team less to react to ‘negatively’ and more to latch on to ‘positively’.  The more they latch on to your business as a source of positivity in their lives, the more they become engaged in your business.  Imagine as a business owner, you provide a space of certainty and safety, where your people feel empowered and confident to be the best version of themselves.  Imagine the productivity you would receive out of each of your team members.

As a Leader:

Whether they latch on to your business or not, will largely depend on you as a leader.  How you communicate with your team will absolutely determine how they feel about your business.  Let me rewind your memory to the very first job you had.  Do you remember the boss you had.  Aside from whether they were a positive or negative influence in your life, do you remember how important they were.  How much value you placed on their opinion, thoughts and comments.   I get, you probably don’t feel any different from that day, however, you are now that person in your teams lives.  They look up to you, they care about what you think and are effected by your behaviour.  So if you want to improve the bottom line, then you must care about how they feel and help them experience positive emotions.

So, to those who say, ‘there’s no room for emotion in business’, I beg to differ.  I’m certain that the emotion felt by those in and around the business is what determines the business’ results.  So if you want to improve the results of your business, improve the quality of the emotions felt by those in and around the business.

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