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The Power Of Changing Your Beliefs

The Power Of Changing Your Beliefs


I would like to share with you an old learning, that has truly inspired me, and seen my business quadruple, in a short amount of time. It is simply this, that what you focus on and what you believe and think about, will create your reality.

What are beliefs? Beliefs are those thoughts, that you are absolutely certain are true without a doubt. They are what separate us from each other, and what make us unique. It is how we experience our world. With 2 million + bits of information coming to us at any one moment, our beliefs are how we delete, distort and generalise everything that is going on around us on a day to day basis. This is how we have proof of what we believe as we are constantly looking for and sorting for more examples of what we already believe.

It is for this reason, that we get the results that we are getting today. Good or not so good. If you are experiencing results that are not what you would like, whether it be financial, career, business, relationships, or health take a minute to look at what it is that you think about and believe in relation to that area of your life.

The beauty of this, is that all beliefs are based on lies. I can say this, as what you believe and what the person next to you believes, may be two very different things. However, I’m sure that you are both experiencing your reality as more examples of what it is that you both know is true.

The GOLD in this, regardless of what you believe now, is we all have the same opportunity to address our beliefs and change them if they are not serving, supporting, nurturing and challenging us.

How do you change them? There are many ways of changing a belief. The easiest way, is to first of all, know what it is that you believe at the moment. Take one area of your life, and sit down, and write a list of all the things you know to be true and absolute in your world. Key signs of a belief are sentences that begin with “I must”, “I always”, “I have to”, “They always”, “That’s just the way it is”. With each one, ask yourself, “Does this serve, support, nurture and challenge me, to be the best I can be.”

If the answer is ‘no‘, then think about someone you know who is getting the results that you would like, and think about what it is they would have to believe to get the results they are getting. It could be someone you know or some one you don’t know. Also ask yourself, “What would I want my children to believe“, or, “What would I want my best friend to believe about themselves in this area of their life.” We all too often, want what’s best for others, and forget about what’s best for ourselves.

Now begin to write down the new beliefs you choose to have, that will serve, support, nurture and challenge you. Changing a belief is all about reinforcement of the new beliefs into your subconscious mind until they are apart of who you are.  So start searching for small examples of how this new belief could be true in your world.  Notice and celebrate even the smallest of small examples.

The last step is about commitment. What is it that you will commit to do? What is one small thing you will do on a daily basis to reinforce this new belief you choose now?

To give yourself leverage, ask yourself the question: “ What will I be giving up, if I don’t create this change?” and then “ What will I gain by choosing to have this new belief?”

Are you a person of action, or reaction? Do you take control of the events that happen in your life, and take responsibility for all the results in your life, or do you have lots of reasons and excuses, for why you are not achieving your true potential.

You may choose to believe this will work and give it a go, or you may put it in the too hard basket and say, “that’s never going to work in my situation” either way, regardless of what you want, you will be right!!!

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