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Top 10 Signs You Are An Inspirational Leader

Top 10 Signs You Are An Inspirational Leader

1. Your people fight to come in to work even if they are sick

They live and breath the vision you have for the business.  They are committed and passionate about making a contribution.  They understand the bigger picture and don’t want to let the whole team down.  Now I’m not saying let them come in, in fact, your refusing them and/or sending them home, will demonstrate care for them.  That’s what’s important to them, they know that you care more for them as a person than for the output they give you. The funny thing is that because you do demonstrate more care for them as a person, they are more productive, much more.

2. You have depth, with a line of potential leaders coming through the ranks

You have spent time, one on one, with each individual, identifying their strengths and utilising them and also recognising their opportunities to improve and assisting them to grow their skill set through some effective coaching.  The great part about this, is that not only do you have depth in your team, you most likely have a low staff turnover, as your people feel positive in a supportive and encouraging environment.

3. You rarely feel frustrated with your people

You have obviously communicated clearly what is expected of them as a member of your team.  Not only that, but they understand, you may have even given them your expectations in writing.  Your team are clear on their role and what goals they have to achieve to contribute to the vision. They also understand that there are consequences if they don’t meet the communicated expectations, that are fair and just.  Any performance issues are dealt with immediately and with no emotion.  It’s simply the facts that are discussed, identifying a clear strategy to get back on track.

4. You have a great customer/client retention and referral rate.

Your customers love your business, so much so, that they refer their friends and family to you constantly.  Customers are always sharing that their friend said the simply must come and see you.    You understand that the reason for this is because your people feel valued.  You listen to them, ask them for their ideas and thoughts, ask questions about how to improve systems and what would work better.  You invest in them, with time and money, providing them with rewards and recognition, with training and ongoing development.  They know they are on a good wicket, working for you and so they repay you by offering your customers exceptional customer service, every day.  You know, they are as consistent as you are when it comes to demonstrating care.

5. Your people are passionate about your vision – you can see they care

You have articulated the vision for your business well and your people have bought into it.  You have even linked their personal vision in some way to your business vision and demonstrated commitment to helping them achieve it.   They go above and beyond what is expected of them because they care.  For this reason, you show much appreciation and gratitude for the team, because you know that they have the choice to be anywhere, and they choose to be here, helping you to achieve your vision.

6. Your people make decisions and mistakes with confidence

Your people know that they are empowered to make decisions in their department, which are in line with the vision and goals of the business.  They can always approach you if they are unsure of the right decision, and know that you will guide them, in a supportive and encouraging way, still allowing them to make the decision.  They also know that it’s ok for them to make mistakes, as long as they learn from them, and adjust their behaviour for next time.  They understand that you believe that’s another way that you invest in them and their development.  The trust is mutual.

7.   You hear positive conversations more than water cooler gossip

They know the vision is big.  It’s much bigger than what they are as an individual and they love being a part of something big with a purpose that they are passionate about.  They are too busy focused on achieving their goals and loving the contribution they get to make and the connection they have with their team mates, that water cooler gossip isn’t on their radar.  They love talking about things that will make a difference to help your customers, not who said what and why!

8.  You don’t have any new people

You know how to provide a successful environment and have developed a winning culture.  You also know that small things like, greeting them in the morning with a bright and happy ‘good morning’ makes all the difference and sets the tone for the day.  For all the reason’s mentioned above, your people love being a part of your vision and love making a contribution to your business.  They consistently feel appreciated, valued, respected and heard.  They feel like an equal and that means more to them than the number of dollars that appear in their bank account each month. 

9. Your team is profitable and each person contributes with healthy productivity

Your people care for your customers because you care for them.  They are mostly concerned with the satisfaction of your customers and because of that, they are rewarded with the repeat custom which helps them achieve their goals each month.  They constantly exceed their goals and love the rewards and recognition that comes long with that.  If someone has a rough day, week or month, the team rally around them to help them improve, with support and encouragement.  You know that if you take care of your team then the team will take care of your customers and your consistency will determine their consistency.  It’s a win win win situation.

10.  You can sleep at night

Every member of the team knows what they are responsible for, they take that seriously and are committed to ensuring their department is performing at it’s optimum level.  They are empowered to run that department as they believe it should be run and accept your guidance if needed.  Otherwise you are happy for each individual to ‘own’ their part and report back to you in the weekly business review.  This leaves you to focus on taking a birds eye view – anticipating events and capturing opportunities.  You can plan for the growth of the business and making the large strategic decisions you must make to ensure your guiding the business to even greater success.

You truly are an inspirational and motivational leader!

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