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Top 3 Secrets To Retaining Great Staff!

Top 3 Secrets To Retaining Great Staff!

Ok, so you have staff and you’re sick of having to replace them.  I get it, it takes a lot of time, money and energy to employ a new person.  So once you’ve got the right people in your team, you want to make sure they stick around.

Here are 3 easy ways to ensure you offer a welcoming and productive environment:

Step 1:

Open an “Emotional Bank Account” with each of your team members.  This doesn’t mean telling them, but in your own mind, start to become aware of the deposits and withdrawals you are making in this person.    When was the last time you made a deposit?

A Deposit is anything along the lines of:

  • Positive Feedback
  • Acknowledgement
  • Praise
  • Appreciation
  • Reward
  • Recognition (in public, only if they like that)
  • Thank you
  • Taking an interest life
  • Demonstrating you care
  • Asking them about their goals
  • Helping them to achieve their goals

Whilst this is a comprehensive list, it’s certainly not complete.  See if you can come up with some new ones.   Essentially, a deposit, demonstrates that you value your employee as a person, not just an output.  It’s not necessarily natural for leaders to do this, and that is ok.  If it’s not in your nature to do this automatically, then diarise it, like you do any other important tasks.  Stick with this, it’s not a task that you complete once and then expect to see a result.  This requires sincerity and consistency.

Step 2:

Share your big “WHY” with your people.  Share with them why you’re in business, what made you want to get started and what your vision is for the future.  Who’s life do you want to impact, to improve to make easier and why?  Maybe you have a personal story that sparked your passion for what you do?  As Simon Sinek says so eloquently, people will follow you not for what you do, or how you do it, but for why you do it.  When you communicate your why, you’re business could change from a job to a purpose for your team.

Step 3:

Every human being has a need for certainty in order to achieve any level of happiness.  For someone to be successful and productive in their working environment they must feel a level of certainty.  To do this, provide them with consistency and structure.  Clearly identified working hours, meeting days and times, documented expectations of what it means to be successful in your team.  The more structure you can provide them, where they know what’s going to happen and when, and the fewer ‘last minute’ surprises, the happier and therefore more productive they will be.  This doesn’t mean making it a boring environment, because the content of the meeting/day  will always be different, just how and when it happens is consistent.  This requires discipline but will repay you tenfold should you follow through with it.

To help you build and/or continue to develop a productive and empowered culture I have ‘culture success analysis’ call which will help you discover your most urgent next step in developing a culture of success in your business, reducing your staff turnover and therefore the level of energy, money and time your are expending.  Simply go to or email


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